340b Program Testimonials

The role of an HTC Pharmacist.

How a pharmacist and Integrated Pharmacy Care works with the Clinical Comprehensive Care for best patient care.

The value of Advocating for HTCs.

Telling the patient and HTC story at all levels of government. The importance of advocating for bleeding disorders and how it affects the entire community.


What is the Comprehensive Care Model.

The Comprehensive Care Model leads to the best possible outcome. It is total care customized to each patient. The team approach that provides services and resources to patients.

340B Pharmacy Program and how it works within HTCs.

A short version showing the value of a 340B program to Hemophilia Treatment Centers. An understanding of the resources that are available as a result of the pharmacy program being a part of the HTC.


A detailed look at the value of the 340B program and how it works.

A thorough description of the value of a 340B program. How the funds are generated and used for patients and the community.

How the comprehensive care works within the bleeding disorders community.

The cooperative model within the Bleeding Disorders Community. A look at how the HTC works with National Patient’s organizations and resources available to the patient and their families.


What is the Hemophilia Alliance?

A description of what the Hemophilia Alliance does. How it supports HTCs and patients through its support of the community.

The story of Chris Bombardier reaching new heights with the help of an HTC.

Chris describes how the HTC he attends helped him develop into the person he is and is still reaching new goals working hand in hand with his treating team.


Dustin Moretto talks about his experience.

Dustin describes how the HTC he uses delivers care and factor to him.

Julia Conde talks about her experiences as a parent in Spanish.

Julia describes what it is like to be a parent of a hemophiliac and how the support of the community helped her.


Julia Conde talks about learning that her son has hemophilia.

Julia describes what it was like learning about Hemophilia runs in her family and how it affected her son, daughter and husband.

Parents talks about how considerate and supportive an HTC is.

When emergencies happen. How the HTC supports patients, families and the community.


Val Bias, Past CEO of National Hemophilia Foundation

Val describes how HTCs supported him throughout his life and continues to support him. He describes what an HTC can do for you.

Vincent Fusaro tells his story about being a hemophiliac.

Mr. Fusaro talks about how his HTC helped him when he ended up in an Emergency Room and subsequently in the OR.


What is a 340B Program within an HTC?

A detail description of what a 340B program is. It describes how the Federal Support and recognition of an HTC as a Center of Excellence. The integrated care of pharmacy and clinical care and how it supports the HTC and the patient services.