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New HTC Staff Meeting

November 8 - November 10

Date: November 8-10, 2020

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hotel: Minneapolis Marriott City Center

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New HTC Staff Meeting
November 8, 2020
Minneapolis, MN

340B Basic Training –
An overview of the 340B program from the beginning of the program to how we can work with your center to make the HTC sustainable. We will discuss the basics of the program from patient definition to patient choice.

Audit –
The OPA is responsible for auditing 340B programs to make sure they are following all the rules and regulations. We will review some audits that were done and share some of the highlights from the Hemophilia Alliance Policy and Procedure manual.

Public Payers –

Public payers have separate rules for working with medical benefits and pharmacy benefits that pay for factor products. Each state has specific rules for dealing with Medicaid payments for Factor products. These SPA (State Plan Amendment) are what dictates what is paid. We will review some of the SPAs and talk about how you we can work with your HTC to find a solution that works for the patients.

Hemophilia Alliance Network Services
This independent company that is a subsidiary of the Hemophilia Alliance is working on securing contracts with payors across the country to help HTCs stay in network to provide pharmacy services to your patients. There will be a discussion on the myths and mysteries of signing onto the PPO.

The Hemophilia Alliance is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). We will explain how this works nationally, what our mission is and how we work to help our members compete with the larger national distributors.

Advocacy –
The HTCs provide a lot of care and programs for patients but do a poor job telling your story to influential people that can affect the funding for the HTC. We will discuss some of the issues Congress is looking at and what you can do to help support the 340B Program.

Program Income –
The 340B program was designed to generate revenue to sustain the programs that you provide. There are rules that govern what is considered Program Income and how you can use it. We will review the use of Program Income and have a Q&A session about what you can use the money for.

Regions and Grants –
HTCs get their federal support through eight regions nationally. Funding from these grants is what gives you the ability to have a 340B pharmacy program. This session will discuss how the grant process works and the support you get from the Regions.

Running a Pharmacy –
The pharmacy is the center piece of the 340B program. It is where you purchase the drugs at a discounted price and then get paid a fair price for the drug. Understanding handling inventory, shipping & discounts is just a small part of this presentation. We will be discussing what your competition is and how do you compete with the large specialty pharmacies.

Factor Therapies –
There is a large amount of factor therapies and non-factor therapies on the market. This will be a presentation on the basics of the types of factor products. It will include the manufacturers and the line of products they provide.

Future Therapies –
This presentation will dive into new therapies on the market today and what is in the pipeline. There will be an in detail discussion about Gene Therapies and how disruptive this will be to HTCs, pharmacies and the bleeding disorders community.

HTC stories –
This session will be a compilation of several types of HTC’s (independent, Hospital base, University base) and how their programs operate. It will have examples of obstacles that they have had to overcome and hot they have been able to make strides with their Administration to provide services to patients.

HTCs and National Patient Organization Chapters –
In addition to the national network of Hemophilia Treatment Centers there is a national network of patient chapters. From NHF (National Hemophilia Foundation) to HFA (Hemophilia Federation of America), you will hear how these chapters operate and what we can do to help HTCs develop and continue a relationship with the chapters.

Manufacturer Presentations –
We will have presentations from several manufacturers on topics they feel is important to you and your HTCs.

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Below, you’ll find a form to specify up to three employees to attend the meeting. We will be in contact to get the particular information for hotels and flights for those who will be attending.

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