Hemophilia Alliance Network Services

HANS LogoJoin Hemophilia Alliance Network Services (HANS) to raise the bar on care while lowering costs.

Reduce your hemophilia-related pharmacy claims costs up to 30% and help patients receive higher quality of care by joining HANS. The integration of clinical and pharmacy services through our national network reduces unnecessary dispensations and enhances treatment outcomes for a win-win opportunity.


Why join HANS?

HANS is a PPO that supports a growing national network of Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs). We collaborate with HTCs and payers to promote high-quality patient care with integrated pharmacy services.

Our unique model provides numerous payer benefits with NO network access fees.

  • Working directly with HTC pharmacies through HANS can reduce your pharmacy claims costs up to 30%
  • HTC care decreases the risk of hospitalization by 40%1 compared to other sources of care
  • We bring new contract proposals directly to the HTCs, minimizing the number of multiple contracts and single-case agreements
  • We handle communications on your behalf with the HTC team to share updates & troubleshoot issues
  • 1Soucie JM, Nuss R, Evatt, B, Abdelhak A, Cowan L, Hill H, Kolakoski M, Wilber N, and the Hemophilia Surveillance System Project Investigators. Mortality among males with hemophilia: relations with source of medical care. Blood 2000; 96:437-442.

Our network results in big savings.

We connected a large third-party administrator with an HTC Member Pharmacy from our network and brought improved care to two patients with hemophilia — all while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Contact us today to learn how HANs can reduce costs and improve patient care for your covered lives.

For more information please email Jeff Blake – jeff@hemoalliance.org