Hemophilia Alliance Partners With 340B Prime Vendor Program Managed by Apexus



Kathryn Goldstein

Sean Singh
727/ 388-7326

IRVING, Texas/ Lansdale, Pa (January 14, 2010) – The 340B Prime Vendor Program, managed by Apexus, and the Hemophilia Alliance announced today an innovative collaborative effort to assist participating federally funded hemophilia treatment centers in maximizing the benefits of 340B Drug Pricing Program and Prime Vendor Program discounts. The two organizations are working together to assure that covered entities serving the hemophilia community have access to the best possible products and pricing. The collaborative partnership became effective January 1, 2010. “We are excited about this collaboration because it enables us to significantly expand upon the current value the Prime Vendor is delivering to our participants serving the hemophilia community. Hemophilia is a very specialized area and it made sense for both organizations to work together in serving their common customers.” said Chris Hatwig, Vice President of Apexus. Mark Plencner, Chairperson of the Hemophilia Alliance stated “this collaboration gives both organizations the ability to think globally but act locally and keep the focus on delivering outstanding patient care.”

The Hemophilia Alliance

In 1973, the National Hemophilia Foundation launched a campaign to establish the creation of a nationwide network of hemophilia diagnostic and treatment centers. The idea was based upon providing a range of comprehensive services for patients and families within one treatment facility. Today, the Hemophilia Alliance provides member Hemophilia Treatment Centers with resources and services to sustain the Comprehensive Care Model for individuals with bleeding and clotting disorders. The concept of comprehensive care is to treat the whole person and the family, through continuous supervision of all the medical and psychosocial aspects of bleeding disorders. Comprehensive care is total care because every facet of the person is addressed, including their physical, emotional, psychological, educational, financial and vocational factors. The development of comprehensive care over the past 30 years, has greatly improved the quality of life for people with bleeding disorders, helping them to be more independent and productive. The treatment center care network has also lowered patient’s morbidity and provided cost-effective care in the long term. For more information about the Hemophilia Alliance, contact (215) 279-9236 or email at info@hemoalliance.org

The Apexus 340B Prime Vendor Program

The Prime Vendor Program was established to increase the discounts already offered under Section 340B of the U.S. Public Health Service Act, providing low-cost drugs to clinics, hospitals and programs for low-income Americans. Over 13,000 providers across the country qualify to participate in the discount program at no cost, and more than 9,600 facilities are currently enrolled. Apexus Inc., an Irving, Texas-based not-for-profit wholly owned subsidiary of Provista, a group purchasing organization co-owned by VHA Inc. and the University HealthSystem Consortium, administers the program. Visit the Section 340B Prime Vendor Program web site at http://www.340bpvp.com/ for more information about the program.

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