Important Recertification Update

OPA is required to recertify all participating covered entities enrolled in the 340B Program to ensure covered entities are appropriately listed on the 340B database and that covered entities are in compliance with 340B Program requirements.  In late January 2013, all HTC grantees participating in the 340B Program are required to complete the recertification process.

To ensure a smooth recertification, you are encouraged to visit the 340B Program database and verify that your health center’s address is correct and that listed sites are still open and eligible to participate in 340B.  It is the health center’s responsibility to keep its 340B database record up-to-date. The database record should reflect the health center’s current information.  Most importantly, verify that the 340B Program contact information for the Authorizing Official and Primary Contact is up to date.  The Authorizing Official (AO) will be responsible for completing the recertification process on-line.   If your health center’s record is incorrect, please update it prior to the recertification process by submitting a change request form to OPA by following this link to the 340B Program change form.

If you encounter any issues with the 340B Program database or have questions about recertification, please send an email to For day to day program management of 340B eligible HTC’s and new registrations-please reach out to the Operations Manger Mrs. Ann Pierpoint at  301.443.8641.

Paper change request forms are required for the following changes and must be submitted or signed by the Authorizing Official (may be submitted via the 8 regional staff for verification):
1. Name changes of the covered entity
2. Authorizing Official Changes
The Electronic process can work for all other changes if their have and Authorizing Official and email listed in the database.

The Authorizing Official should be listed as the person who:1. Can legally bind the entity into a relationship with the Federal Government 2.  Can attest to the recertification language listed below showing compliance with all aspects of our program 3.  A person who would be legally liable for any issues (positive/negative) for this program if audited or self-reported

LCDR Joshua E. Hardin MBA, RN/BSN, MLT
Program Management Officer
340B Recertification Lead
Health Resources Services Administration Health Systems Bureau Office of Pharmacy Affairs
5600 Fishers Lane RM 10C-03
Rockville, MD 20857

Office 301-443-7312
Fax 301-594-4982