November 2020 Newsletter

Notes from Joe
· The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Legal Update
· HHS Continues Its “Regulatory Sprint”

Washington Update

Payer Update
· Payer Update: 35 and Growing!

Notes from the Community
· Plasminogen Deficiency Foundation Launched

Alliance Update
· Announcing Our New Board Member
· 2021 Meeting Schedule

Alliance Update, October 2020

As announced in August, we have launched our new campaign, Harmony in Hemophilia, aimed at enhancing relationships between our member HTCs, NHF Chapters and HFA Member Organizations.

Payer Update, October 2020

Over the last few years, the Payer Team has established strong relationships with several national insurance brokers and consultants, stop-loss/reinsurance carriers, insurance companies/third party claims administrators and mid-tier pharmacy benefit managers.

Washington Update, October 2020

With waning days before the election, all eyes are turning away from Washington and towards the voting booths of Americans across the country.

Legal Update, October 2020

HTCs often inquire with the Hemophilia Alliance regarding what is an appropriate “indirect cost rate.”

Notes from Joe, October 2020

All of the recent news, including the hearings about our potential new Supreme Court Justice, highlight that people are worried, concerned, and fixated on the cost and access to health care and of course, since it’s an election year, people want to know who to blame. The short answer is all of us, but then it gets more complicated.