Notes from the Community, November 2019

Notes from the Community

Update from the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation

A friendly reminder that the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation will be posting its 2020 Grant Guidance online at on December 5, 2019! Since 2009, the Alliance Foundation has awarded over $4 million to help 140+ chapters, treatment centers, and national community organizations build capacity and support and expand their missions. Successful applications for both projects and patient assistance programs should demonstrate clear, measurable outcomes and a strong commitment to the bleeding disorders community. Hear from one of our grant recipients below:

"The Virginia Hemophilia Foundation (VHF) is stronger and well-positioned for future success because of the ongoing support of the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation. With their support, VHF has been able to enhance the education that is offered to constituents, ensure that board members are trained and skilled to lead the organization, guarantee that equipment and supplies are available to increase awareness of inherited bleeding disorders, and provide qualified facilitators to lead strategic planning sessions." – Kelly Waters, Executive Director, Virginia Hemophilia Foundation, 2019

Organizations interested in submitting applications should review the Grant Guidance thoroughly before finalizing their applications as there are several changes to this year’s application. Applications must now be submitted electronically via a SUBMIT button at the bottom of the application. This new system will allow for applicants to immediately receive an automated acknowledgement of receipt of their application. Please note that applications submitted as an attachment to an email will not be considered.

If your organization—or an organization you know—is interested in applying but feels like it does not have the capacity or expertise to do so, please reach out to us at! We can direct you to additional resources that will help you submit a strong application.

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