Notes from the Community, September 2019

Notes from the Community

HTC Patients Highly Satisfied with HTC 340B Programs Nationwide
By Judith Baker, DrPH, MHSA; Susan Lattimore, RN; Rick Shearer and Merilee Ashton, Steering Committee

The first-ever nationwide data on patient satisfaction with Hemophilia Treatment Center 340B programs is now available from the 2nd National HTC Patient Satisfaction Survey (PSS). And it’s very positive.

Over 95% of >2500 HTC patients across the US who use a 340B programs at one of 107 HTCs reported being always or usually satisfied with their HTC 340B program. This is the largest nationally uniform assessment of patient satisfaction with 340B programs ever conducted in the US. The one page report is on the 'news' tab of the National HTC Patient Satisfaction Survey (PSS) website:

Over 4700 people answered the 2nd national survey that was conducted spring-summer 2018. Over 95% reported being ‘always’ or ‘usually’ satisfied with overall HTC care, similar to the first PSS when >5000 patients participated in 2015. Data are also available on satisfaction with HTC core team members, services and care processes. Problems posed by insurance and language are also reported.

One page articles, and posters presented at regional and national conferences, are in the PSS website’s news section as well. If you do use these as part of your education materials or other communiques, please attribute / acknowledge the “National Patient Satisfaction Survey of U.S. Hemophilia Treatment Centers” as the source and give the website address.

We thank all patients who shared their voices and experience with their HTC. We thank all the HTCs, and you, our partners, for promoting the PSS.

Please share this data with your leadership, constituents, and stakeholders. If you have questions, please contact me or

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