Operations Update, 2019

Operations Update

Reminder: Sharing HTC Information: Caution is the Best Policy
By Jacqueline Lamb, Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center

An astute HTC staff member recently received a phone call from a third party requesting information about an HTC program. The caller positioned themselves as a student writing a school paper with questions asking for specific numbers of providers, about specific procedures, and for information about the pharmacy.

Rather than answer right away, the staff member asked the caller to send an email with their detailed questions. This gave the HTC enough time and information to verify the legitimacy of the request. Once received, a simple Google search of the caller’s email address, name and phone number showed that this was not a student, but instead a pharma/biotech consultant.

As a treating physician told their HTC staff previously, “What may seem like an innocuous question about patient care is often not so innocent. Many companies are trying to obtain information about how we view (a product), how we approach our patient population and how it will affect our ordering. This is not information that I feel comfortable sharing with companies.”

Please be careful not to discuss your center’s use of any particular product or service with individuals outside of your center without proper consideration.

Save the Date for an Alliance Session at the ASH Meeting on Making the Running of an HTC Tolerable

As you prepare for the ASH annual meeting this December, we hope you add one of our sessions to your calendar. This year our topic will be “Making the Running of an HTC Tolerable.”

We will offer several sessions in the morning with breakfast and in the evening with dinner. Our sessions will be interactive where we will discuss HTC operations, payer initiatives and a look at the 340B program in 2020 and beyond. The breakout sessions will be hosted by Joe Pugliese, President and CEO, Sean Singh, SVP of Marketing and Operations and Jeff Blake, SVP of Payer Relations.

If you are unable to make one of our team sessions, we can accommodate you on an individual basis.

If there are any topics or specific issues you would like for us to discuss, please contact Joe at Joe@hemoalliance.org.

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