Press Release: May 2010, Lansdale, PA

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The Hemophilia Alliance has just completed the 2010 funding cycle, again this year they have donated in excess of $300,000 to the hemophilia community.

“The Hemophilia Alliance Foundation serves as an excellent role model by investing in other nonprofit organizations serving the bleeding disorders community, and by making the application processes a simple one. The recipient organizations have many needs and few revenue streams. The Alliance Foundation grants make an important difference in the operations of these organizations.” Joyce Strazzabosco, Hemophilia Alliance Foundation Grants Committee Chair

Joe Kleiber, Vice President for Chapter Services, National Hemophilia Foundation,
“The Hemophilia Alliance Foundation Grants are a much needed source of financial support for the NHF Chapters, other non-profit organizations, Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTC) and the HTC Regions. Their dedication to these organizations shows an unprecedented commitment to crucial infrastructure support. The collaborative partnership that the Alliance has offered the community is vital to our growth and our ability to serve the bleeding disorders community.”
“Hemophilia of Indiana serves Indiana residents with bleeding disorders, their families, employers and others who are impacted by hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and other forms of bleeding disorders. We do this with a modest budget. Thanks to the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation, the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center and other HTCs across the country, we were successful in securing a grant from the Foundation that will enable us to develop professionally produced public service announcements and longer form videos. The PSAs will be produced in a way that will allow them to be adapted for use by other NHF chapters, as well. The PSAs and videos will be important tools that help us tell our story in ways we were not able to do before. Hemophilia of Indiana and other NHF chapters are fortunate that the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation exists to provide critical funding for new programs that expand the advancement of our mission,” says Michael Perigo, CFRE Development Director.

“It is wonderful to see the momentum generated on behalf of the Hemophilia Community. Through a fantastic partnership and through forward-thinking by members of the Hemophilia Treatment Centers and Foundation Committee members, we continue to realize our vision of reinvesting resources into improving the lives of our patients. This is very gratifying given the challenges HTC’s and patients face each day.” Mark Plencner, RPh Chair, Hemophilia Alliance

The Foundation has again provided $5,000 in funding to each of the 12 federal hemophilia regions in support of their annual meetings. These meetings provide a forum for hemophilia care providers to exchange information and share best practices.

We are planning another round of funding in 2011. Leaders of tax-exempt organizations that serve people with bleeding disorders who are interested in more information should contact Joe Pugliese at the Alliance offices, 1758 Allentown Road #183 Lansdale, PA 19446, 215-439-7173, or visit our web site.

*The Alliance is a not-for-profit organization that is currently comprised of 80 Hemophilia Treatment Centers. The purpose of the Alliance is to assist its members in providing outstanding care for their patients. Our mission as The Hemophilia Alliance is to provide member Hemophilia Treatment Centers with resources and services to sustain the Comprehensive Care Model for individuals with bleeding and clotting disorders. For more information about the Alliance and how you can help further our mission visit us at or email us at