Hill Day FAQs

  • What time should I book my flight to arrive to DC?
    A: You should plan to get into DC so that you can be at the hotel by 2 pm.

  • What time should I book my flight to leave DC?
    A: You should ideally be on a flight that leaves after 5:30 pm on 6/13. If that isn’t possible, book the latest flight you can and just let us know your timing so we can try to schedule meetings around your availability.

  • Which hotel are we staying at?
    A: Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel (Address – 2800 South Potomac Ave Arlington, Virginia 22202)
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  • How much walking will I be doing?
    A: Plenty! Definitely wear comfortable shoes for the Hill Day!

  • What is the attire?
    A: Business casual to business is best – staffers and Members of Congress will likely be in suits. You don’t need to be dressed that formally, but aim for at least business casual.

  • Who would I be meeting with?
    A: You will be in a team with other advocates from your state or region, and likely a member of the Hemophilia Alliance staff. You definitely won’t be alone! The meetings will be with key Members of Congress and their staff members from your state and others represented by your teammates.

  • What should I prepare?
    A: Plan to make a factsheet about your HTC and its programs and patient community. We will share a sample with participants in advance of the Hill Day.

  • Will we be lobbying?
    A: No, we will be educating Congress about issues important to HTCs and the patients you serve. We won’t be lobbying.

  • What can I bring to the Hill?
    A: Backpack, bags, snacks? You can bring bags with you but you have to go through metal detectors at the entrance of each building, and traveling light will make the process quicker for you and your team! Snacks and water are totally fine to bring in, except if you’re in the Capitol Visitors Center (but the vast majority of meetings aren’t there)

  • What is security like on the Hill?
    A: You will have to go through metal detectors at the entrance of each building. This process can take some time depending on how busy the Hill is that day, so you’ll definitely want to allot extra time for it.

  • Do I need a federal ID or badge?
    A: No, you won’t need to show ID.

  • How will I get back to the hotel/airport after the meetings on the Hill?
    A: Attendees are responsible for getting back to the hotel or airport on their own (via cab/Uber/Lyft or Metro). We are working on a place for you to leave suitcases while we’re at meetings and will provide an update during the training session.

  • I have a relationship with my Member of Congress. Is that helpful?
    A: It can be! Contact Johanna with that info so we can figure out the best plan.

  • I live in a different state from my HTC. Is that a problem?
    A: No! Make sure to put your home and HTC addresses on the registration sheet and we’ll figure out the best meetings to request on your behalf.