Alliance Update, February 2021

Alliance Update
  • Introducing our New Board Member
    by Heidi Lane, Chair, Hemophilia Alliance Board

    The mission of the Hemophilia Alliance is to work “to ensure member Hemophilia Treatment Centers have the expertise, resources and public support to sustain their integrated clinical and pharmacy services for individuals with bleeding and clotting disorders”. Per the Hemophilia Alliance by-laws, “The Board of Directors should, to the extent feasible, include members representative of the eight (8) regional networks of hemophilia treatment centers, types of programs, expertise, and experience.”

    We want to sincerely thank all applicants for their interest in serving on the board. We thoughtfully reviewed and considered all applicants in the context of the Mission and by-laws, seeking to most broadly represent our membership as well as diversify our expertise and insight to most strategically address challenges to further our mission.

    Becky BurnsWe are pleased to announce Becky Burns has been elected to serve on the Board, with her term beginning January 2021. Becky is the COO/CFO of the Bleeding and Clotting Disorders Institute (BCDI) in Peoria, Illinois and directly oversees their 340B pharmacy program. Prior to being promoted to COO/CFO, Becky served as Finance Director and Executive Director at BCDI. Becky brings to the board expertise in insurance/payer relations as well as experience in running an independent center. Becky also serves as faculty on NHF’s Comprehensive Care Sustainability Collaborative (CCSC) and participates in various subcommittees. Becky states one of the more rewarding aspects of her position at BCDI is the opportunity to advocate for patients both on a local and national level and looks forward to serving on the Board to continue her efforts.

    Again, we can’t thank enough the individuals who applied to serve on the board. We may be reaching out to you to assist in serving the Alliance in other ways.

  • Harmony in Hemophilia Update
    by Karen Bowe

    In collaboration with NHF, the Hemophilia Alliance has created the ‘HTC Wall of Walkers Challenge’, aimed at increasing HTC participation in NHFs 2021 Unite for Bleeding Disorders National Walk program. This initiative will build upon the primary goal of Harmony in Hemophilia which is to enhance or build relationships between HTCs and Chapters. We will be sharing more details with HTCs as part of our Hemophilia Alliance Winter Webinar series on February 18th. We will do the same for Chapters and Community Members during our next Harmony in Hemophilia webinar, to be held on March 23rd at 7:00 PM EST. Also, on the agenda for the Harmony in Hemophilia webinar will be a discussion on the 340B pharmacy program and why it is important to HTCs and the community, as well as share some successful collaboration stories between Chapters and HTCs. Invitations for the Harmony in Hemophilia webinar will be sent in the near future.

  • Membership Dues and Benefits
    by Theresa Parker

    Membership invoices for 2021 were sent out via email at the beginning of February. If you have questions about your invoice please contact Theresa Parker, As a member of the Alliance you are entitled to certain benefits. A copy of your membership benefits can be found here.

    Please help us keep an updated list of your center’s contacts. An email was sent out to the primary contact at your HTC requesting an update of your center’s contact information for 2021. You can also update your contact information throughout the year on our website here.

Meeting Schedule for 2021

Winter/Spring Webinar Series
April – 22nd
May – 20th

Spring Members Meeting
(Members must login before registering)
March – 18th & 19th

Harmony in Hemophilia
March – 23rd

Hill Day
May – 5th (Virtual)

Summer Webinar Series
June – 17th
July – 29th
August – 26th

Fall Members Meeting
September – 12th to 14th (In-person tentative)

New HTC Staff Meeting
October – 10th to 12th (In-person tentative)

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