Alliance Update, March 2023

Alliance Update

The Alliance Upcoming Events Webpage – A New Look & Feel
by Kiet Huynh, Manager of IT Solutions

Do you remember the last time you visited our Events page – We have recently given it a makeover and it’s now ready for its debut. We have combined the event information for our members and non-members onto a single page for easy viewing and given each section its own color. The red outlined boxes (🟥) are Alliance member-only events which require a login to view and/or register for meetings and the blue outlined boxes (🟦) are non-member events. Visitors can choose between the default listing view or monthly view for all the events. Additionally, the events calendar can be downloaded and imported into your current email program. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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· Dateline: Washington, DC
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Washington Update
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Alliance Board Update
· Alliance Seeking Board Nominations

Payer Update
· HANS PPO Agreement 42 signed, 65 To Go

Notes from the Community
· Update on Partners Physician Academy
· Collaboration Updates with our National Organization Partners

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