Alliance Benefits the Bleeding Disorders Community

Core to the Alliance mission is giving back to the hemophilia community. The Alliance has granted over $20,000,000 to the community from 2009-2022 and funds an independent nonprofit organization, the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation, which was established in 2013 and granted $522,000 in 2022. Funds have been awarded to ATHN which in turn supports many HTCs in their efforts to gather much needed health data. Grants to the National Hemophilia Foundation help support the Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk, having launched the HTC Wall of Walkers Challenge in 2021 to engage HTC support for the community. Collaborative work with the Hemophilia Federation of America, funded by the Alliance, offers continued support of the HTC Resources Project, acknowledging HTCs as a vital resource to patient care and readily supporting HTCs in their efforts. Additionally, we frequently sponsor partnerships with organizations such as the World Federation of Hemophilia and Coalition for Hemophilia B to benefit the bleeding disorders community, nationally and internationally.