Board of Directors

Eric Gray
Eric Gray
Indiana Hemophilia
and Thrombosis Center, Inc.
8326 Naab Road
Indianapolis, IN 46260
Becky Burns
Becky Burns
Vice Chair
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Institute
Peoria, Illinois
Dean M. Hindenlang
Dean M. Hindenlang, Ph.D.
Director of Public Policy
and Strategic Initiatives,
Cascade Hemophilia Consortium,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Steven M. Powell, MBA
Steven M. Powell, MBA
Finance Manager, Hemophilia
and Thrombosis Center
University of Colorado,
School of Medicine |
Anschutz Medical Campus
Louise Baca
Louise M. Baca, MSN, RN
Senior Director, Oncology
Maine Bleeding Disorders Center
Maine Medical Center, MaineHealth
Regina Butler
Regina B. Butler, RN-BC
Director, Mid-Atlantic/Region III HTCs
Clinical Manager, Division of Hematology
HTC Nurse Coordinator

Stacy Croteau
Stacy Croteau
Asst Prof of PED, Harvard Med School
Director, Hemophilia/VWD Program
Director, Boston Children’s Hospital
Assoc Dir, Boston Hemophilia Center
Boston, Massachusetts
Colleen Druzgal
Colleen Druzgal
Associate Professor,
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
at the University of Virginia
Director, Hemophilia
and Thrombosis Treatment Center
Charlottesville, VA
Miguel Escobar
Miguel A. Escobar, MD
Professor & Director of Internal
Medicine & Pediatrics, Gulf States
HTC at the Univ. of TX Health
Science Ctr. & the McGovern Medical
School in Houston
Director of the Clinical Research
Center, The Memorial Hermann
Medication Therapy & Wellness Clinics
Rebecca Kruse-Jarres
Rebecca Kruse-Jarres, MD
Executive/Medical Director & Physician,
at the Washington Center for
Bleeding Disorders
John Myers
John Myers, RPh, MBA
Director, Pharm OPS
Home Care Infusion,Specialty
and Community Pharmacy
Cincinnati Children’s
Cincinnati, OH
Justin Nelson-Deering
Justin Nelson-Deering,
Director, Center for Bleeding
and Clotting Disorders,
Children’s Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Michael Silvey
Michael Silvey, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics,
University of Missouri-Kansas City
School of Medicine,
Associate Director,
Kansas City Regional Hemophilia
TreatmentCenter at Children’s Mercy
Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri
Sachiko Suzuki
Sachiko Suzuki
340B and Research Manager,
at the UCSF Adult Hemophilia
Treatment Center