Notes from the Community, May 2020

Notes from the Community

All About the WAPPS-Hemo System
By Sydney Macleod, McMaster University

The Web-Accessible Population Pharmacokinetic Service-Hemophilia (WAPPS-Hemo) is a free online system designed to support the treatment of hemophilia A and B with simplified pharmacokinetic (PK) assessment. Using population PK methodology, WAPPS-Hemo provides HTCs with individualized PK estimates using data from only 2-3 plasma samples.

For each patient, WAPPS-Hemo provides an interactive report estimating:

  • terminal half-life
  • time to desired concentration
  • predicted factor concentration at hourly intervals

The built-in clinical calculator function, when used with the patient’s individual PK profile, will help you to build an optimized treatment regimen. Using two of: dose, target trough, or interval, the calculator will provide an interactive graph and calculate the weekly dose, peak, and trough tailored to the patient.

Using this PK-tailored regimen, you may then choose to activate the companion patient mobile app, myWAPPS.

myWAPPS enables hemophilia patients to record infusions and view real-time estimates of their factor level at any time, based on their individual PK study and WAPPS-Hemo generated regimen. For patients using myWAPPS, the infusions recorded in the app appear for your review as treatment logs in their patient profile on WAPPS-Hemo.

For more information about WAPPS-Hemo please visit: For additional myWAPPS information:

McMaster University is offering training and assistance to HTCs interested in using or learning more about WAPPS-Hemo. This is available to HTCs new to WAPPS and to those already using the system. Please contact Sydney MacLeod for more information: or 905-525-9140 x25214.

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