Notes from the Community, September 2021

Notes from the Community

Update from the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation

Congratulations to our 2021 “Innovation Grant” recipients!

Thank you to all of the organizations that applied for the Hemophilia Alliance Foundation’s 2021 Innovation Grant (formerly known as the “Large Grant”). In total, we received nine highly competitive applications for this $50,000 grant, which focuses on high-impact, innovative projects for the inheritable blood disorders community. We are proud to announce the two recipients of the 2021 Innovation Grant: Hemophilia of North Carolina, and the Hemophilia Federation of America!

Website update

The Hemophilia Alliance Foundation has completed a long-awaited update of its website! We have the same URL (, and our hope is that the new website will be easier to navigate for applicants and grant recipients. A few new features include:

We would love to hear the community’s feedback on our new website! Please contact Grant Hiura, Secretary, at if you have any comments/suggestions. Thank you!

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