Payer Update, August 2020

Payer Update

Welcome Kimberly Lackman, the newest Hemophilia Alliance Employee!

We are excited to announce Kimberly Wolverton Lackman has joined the Hemophilia Alliance (HA) Team this month as our Reimbursement and Payer Marketing Manager. In this new role, she will be working with member HTCs and the payer community, supporting, partnering, and advocating to resolve outstanding HTC reimbursement issues, provide root cause analysis, and offer guidance on revenue cycle best practices. She will also be leading our effort to develop and offer reimbursement and billing services to members in the future.

Kimberly is a leader in Revenue Cycle Management, Accounts Payable, Internal Controls, Project Management, Call Center Administration, Training, and Process Improvement. She is a University of South Florida MBA and MHA graduate coming from a global, publicly traded law firm. Her background is in managing the entire Revenue Cycle/Order to Cash processes for both private and publicly traded firms.

Kimberly has continued to exceed expectations and take on additional leadership roles over the past 25 years. As a Project Manager (PM) she successfully led the implementation of new software for Gentiva, Senior Home Care, Amgen, and Baker McKenzie; leading the PM Teams to create policy, procedures, best practices, and identify/quantify/classify root cause analysis of needed system enhancements.

Kimberly has also been recognized for her innovative and proactive approach to managing Accounts Receivables:

  • Pinnacle Gold Award Winner, Gentiva
  • Caring the Gentiva Way, Gentiva Financial Operations Bronze Medal Winner
  • Improving Efficiency & Effectiveness, Gentiva Financial Operations Bronze Medal Winner

Kimberly looks forward to meeting you and providing the reimbursement support services to assist you in managing your payer reimbursement activities.

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Payer Relations Update
By Jeff Amond

A call today can help your stress go away!!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of insurance changes coming your way? Are you struggling to keep your patients under your pharmacy program? Has COVID 19 impacted your patients’ insurance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, have you thought about reaching out to the Hemophilia Alliance Payer Team for free assistance? The good news for all of you out there who are struggling with these issues is that I along with the rest of the Payer Relations Team have the time and the resources to help. Let us help with your insurance issues, let us help you in retaining your current pharmacy patients and let us help you win back the clotting factor business to your HTC.

The good news to report is that many of you are already doing this. Many HTCs are also requesting monthly or quarterly meetings with a Hemophilia Alliance Payer Team Member to stay on top of ongoing payer issues and/or to alert us to new ones.

We continue to show good success for those HTCs that have reached out to us, but what does SUCCESS really mean. I looked to the definition of success for answers. Part of the definition of success states “a favorable or desired outcome”.

Was it a favorable or desired outcome when the Hemophilia Alliance Network Services (HANS) was able to get an HTC contracted as an in-network provider? Was it a favorable or desired outcome for an HTC when the Hemophilia Alliance Payer Team was able to win back the pharmacy business for a patient that had been lost to a specialty pharmacy? Was it a favorable or desired outcome for an HTC when the Hemophilia Alliance Payer Team was able help them retain the pharmacy business for a patient? The answer to all these questions is YES. We are having SUCCESS and we can have SUCCESS for you.

Please contact the Hemophilia Alliance Payer Relations Team to learn how we can assist your HTC.

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