Payer Update, November 2021

Payer Update

Hemophilia Alliance Network Services (HANS) Update
by Jeff Blake

Exciting News – We have signed our 5th HANS Payer Agreement with Centivo, a national Third-Party Administrator (TPA) with clients throughout the United States. We are working with Centivo to implement our HANS Agreement and we will be contacting HTCs that have signed our HANS PPO Agreement once the implementation is finalized.

We are also very close to signing our 6th HANS Payer Agreement with AultCare, an Ohio based insurance company. We expect to have the Agreement finalized in the next 60 days and will be contacting HTCs in AultCare’s service area that do not currently have an AultCare Agreement.

We are currently working with member HTCs on more than 50 opportunities that represent more than 65,000,000 units of clotting factor and Hemlibra. We are hopeful to finalize some of these opportunities for January 1, 2022 and throughout the first quarter of 2022. Since 2018, we have worked with Payers and our member HTCs to bring back over 40,000,000 units of clotting factor and Hemlibra to our members’ pharmacy programs.

If you would like to learn more and discuss how the Hemophilia Alliance can assist you with your payer challenges and issues, please contact a member of the Hemophilia Alliance Team.

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